A new blog? In 2021? When the world is moving away from blogs and people want instant information?


A new blog? In 2021? When the world is moving away from blogs and people want instant information?

2020: A disaster

2020 was a disaster for most of the world. For me it was the year that changed my life. On the 18th of January 2020, I suffered a severe attack of pancreatitis that nearly killed me. I had just returned from my daily morning walk and bicycle ride. Everything was fine and dandy. Then there was pain. Within a few hours I was in the Intensive Care Unit, battling for life with a case of Severe Acute Necrotizing Pancreatitis. No known cause, no habits that usually trigger Pancreatitis and no warning signs whatsoever. My case was particularly severe and within 48 hours I had developed multiple complications that affected many of my vital organs and as a result, I had developed severe necrosis, pleural effusion, sepsis, jaundice, diabetes among many other things.

A disaster

A room without a view

The next 7 months were spent in the hospital with surgeries and what not. I lost 38kg (that’s 84lbs for the metrically challenged) as my weight dropped down to 40kg (88lbs). The few months after that were spent at home trying to recover, hardly able to stand up.

Now, a year after it happened, I’m still weak and a long way away from being ‘normal’ if ever. Meanwhile COVID-19 changed the world outside my hospital bed. Did I mention that 2020 was a disaster?

2020: A time to think

The more I think about it though, I must say that I am lucky. I am here and typing this right now. I had the best doctors treating me. I had the best people beside me, supporting me, encouraging me.

2020 gave me the opportunity to think and reflect back on my life. It gave me the chance to understand and experience the fickle nature of life. It taught me to make the best of the time I have. All this sounds morbid and cliched, but that’s exactly what happened. I didn’t even know my blood group before this happened. That’s how out of the blue this was. If that didn’t make me think, nothing would. Now that this is hopefully behind me, I can only look forward. To be honest, I’m only taking each day as it comes. There is no other way.

A Web guy

I’ve always been a Web guy. A couple of friends and I started our own personal websites as far back as 1998. Our college, heck, even our University didn’t have a website back then. People knew us as the Web guys. Since then my website has always been a place to experiment and in the early days, just show off. It was never serious. I attempted blogging a couple of times and gave up quickly thinking nobody would be interested in reading what I have to say.

A few years back, I was asked by a well meaning person why I don’t have a blog of my own. They mentioned how people with far less talent or experience than me were making a name for themselves by showing off their skills on social media. I don’t care about Internet fame and I definitely don’t want to compare myself to anyone, but at the back of my mind I kept thinking I should start blogging just to share my experiences. Who would want to read it though? That thought held me back. Now, I realise that I don’t care about having an audience anymore. I want a place to write down my thoughts and talk about things that matter to me. It does not matter who reads it. Sort of like a public journal, sans my private, personal thoughts. What better place than the Web, which has been my thing for 22 years. I am a Web guy after all.

2020: A new hope

Did I mention that 2020 was a disaster? I was wrong. It has been my luckiest year. It has given me a new hope.


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