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19 September 2021

So you have your browser’s ad-blocker enabled and are happily browsing the web when you come across a website that, very politely, asks you to whitelist the site in your ad-blocker because they depend on the ads to keep the site going. We have all come across websites like that. What do you do with such a website? Should you go ahead and whitelist it to allow ads?

#onlineprivacy #takebacktheweb #internet


05 September 2021

If you love someone, set them free. Sure, it makes sense with people, but what about things you love to do? I think it suits this context just as well. Probably even better.

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08 August 2021

Slideshows, also known as carousels or sliders, on websites have been around for a long time, but do we really need them? Here’s my take on why not.

#internet #webdesign #accessibility #slideshows #abetterweb



Selected watercolour, pen & ink and other assorted illustrations from the last couple of years. Brought over from my old dedicated illustration site called Magnets & Miracles.

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Travel, landscape and backyardnew photography on film and digital. Brought over from my old dedicated photography site called NegativeScapes.

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