Prathamesh Pai .com

Illustration of the author as a child, holding a lamp, off on an adventure
Used to be a website hither
For many a decade, since the web was but a wee spider
Like a feather, floating over flowers
Like a chameleon, changing colours

Then came the storm and all ceased
Time was spent, fighting a disease
Too many things, too little time
But the website was always on my mind

It will be back, in all its glory
Don't know how, don't know when
Be patient until then
For it will be a wonderful story

Hi! If you're new here, my name is Prathamesh Pai. I am a full-stack web developer-designer, illustrator and visiting professor. My website is on hiatus while I put all the pieces back together. Might take a while, but I promise it will be good. Until then, you can contact me at

If you're looking to hire me for my web development, design or illustration services, head over to Transducent, my work website.