About Me

Like everyone else, I am many things to many people. To my close friends and family I am the quiet computer geek with a silly sense of humour. To my clients I am a programmer and designer who loves to obsess about clean design and typography. To my university students I am the professor who loves his subjects and in the words of some, “the best professor ever”, (pshaw!). To many others I am the silent, sometimes anti-social guy you can call when you need help with computers. To strangers I am the guy with the long name and impossibly curly hair. Recently, to the press and a few other people, I was the entire IT department of a University! To myself, I am a complex mess of bits and pieces, still trying to figure out where I fit in this crazy world. The last one is the true me.

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Contact Me

In order of preference:

  1. Email: hello@prathameshpai.com
  2. WhatsApp: +49 176 6912 0476
  3. Text/call: +91 94819 78166

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Here be dragons

Do you have the time, to listen to me whine…about…ah, forget it. Want to know more about me? Read on…

This website

Started in 1999 (ok, I’m old), as a fun thing to play around with in the early days of the Web. It has undergone a bazillion design and domain changes, from photo galleries and blogs to useless bits of electronic junk. Finally, in 2021, after the most difficult year of my life, having spent most of the year in the hospital battling a severe pancreatic illness, I decided to put the different bits and pieces of me scattered over the Internet back together and even start a new blog (in the age of instant communication/gratification no less) to write down my thoughts, regardless of who (and if any) my audience is.


  • I design and maintain websites, web applications and all things web.
  • I write computer programs that solve/automate everyday problems and tasks.
  • I teach design, programming and sometimes animation & photography, to undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  • I illustrate cartoons (hopefully a children’s book someday) for fun.
  • I make travel, landscape and product photographs.
  • I have a degree in computer science and engineering, but am mostly self-taught.


I am self-taught and still learning. My preferred style is cartoons and children’s book style illustrations done mostly using ink and watercolours. I do create the ocassional bit of digital art on an old iPad, but I enjoy the feel of pencil/pen/brush on paper more than anything else. I don’t like calling myself an illustrator because I’m still learning, yet, here I am being vain and calling myself one on this website.


I love photography- landscapes, nature and travel. I think. I started with a beat up old Pentax film camera (the indestructible K1000 which still works!) in the late 90s, got my first Digital SLR in 2003, got sick and tired of the whole concept of digital photography with its focus on post-processing and switched back to shooting only film in 2011. More or less gave up on photography from 2015 to 2018. Got another DSLR in 2018 and have been shooting both film and digital since then. Still not sure if I really love photography. When I do, I love it to bits. When I don’t…


I love programming and loved it from the time I wrote my first computer program in BASIC at the age of 13 in 1992. My higher education choices (and eventual disillusionment) were based completely on my love for programming. Even my decision to pursue an independent career was based partly on my love for programming and the idea of not wanting to be a small part of a large machine, but instead being able to say, “I created this thing”. I’m extremely lucky that I have been able to keep my love for programming going after all these years, even if it meant I haven’t made tons of money like others with full time IT jobs have.

My choice of programming language started with BASIC, then Visual Basic, C, C++, JAVA, ASP, Perl, PHP, Ruby and now Python since 2014. I also dabble with Haskell and Swift sometimes. Phew. This does not include my love for non-programming languages (unfair to call them that) like HTML since 1998 and CSS since 2001. I think JavaScript deserves a mention here because I have been using it regularly since 2002 and is still one of the languages I use the most, but hmmm…I’d better not get into that dark corner of my head. That’s running asynchronously somewhere and I’ve lost track of it.

Of all these, I loved Perl and Python the most. My last name, Pai is pronouced as py. Coincidence? I also love tinkering with Raspberry Pis (Pi? Py? Pai? I tell you!) and making stuff that nobody cares about, just for fun.